First Post

This will be my first post in this weblog, so let me explain what I want to do with it.

In this blog I’ll try to keep up with the new features of CSS and XHTML, plus some other stuff (I come to that in a minute).
OK. I know what you’re going to say. “Yet another Weblog about CSS and XHTML”. My answer to that, well, yes.

First of all, I think it’s important that webpages are nicely ‘crafted’. If you want to do this, you need to know CSS and XHTML and you need to know them rather well. I’ve seen a lot of beginning webdesigners with beautifull layouts but horrible code. Making nice layouts is something you’re able to or you’re not, but writing nice code is something you can learn. For those beginning and also intermediate webdesigners, I think this is a blog they will appreciate.

The rest that I’m going to post about, are the projects I’m working on, like Tagboard and some others that are only in the beginning stages.

That’s about it. I hope you enjoy this domain in the future.

Ow BTW, before I get any comments on, how my site design is only default. I know and I quite like it, but I’m planning on changing it, when the inspiration propitiates me.

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