Bootdisk gone ghost

A few days back, I needed a full system format. Windows was acting strange, so I backuped everything to my second partition. I formatted and re-installed windows XP. All went well (except for the occasional “Windows Explorer Crashed” error).

I installed all of the programs that I normally use, configured about half of them and put my documents, e-mails and so back where they belong.

This whole process took me a little more than a day (what a waste of time). After that I tried to get my network working. (You can read about it in this post. BTW it is still only working about half, but that’s for later).

So, everything installed, I decided it was time to take a full system backup image, so I wouldn’t have to spend that whole day, when something went wrong, again. I installed Norton Ghost 2003. Selected the drive, left everything to default, then Ghost requested a reboot. I agreed, not that I had much choice, but OK. Windows shutting down…

PC rebooting, starting PC DOS (which is Ghost). And then … nothing. System hangs…

Logical reaction, after pressing ctrl-c and esc a few times, pressing the reset button.

Again system rebooting, PC DOS, … Ghost has detected that something went wrong, restarting windows and then …, same story, system hangs…

After a few more tries, there was no difference. I couldn’t access any of my drives. For some reason Norton Ghost has changed my boot-partition and has set itself to the primary bootdisk.

Ok, I hear you say, don’t you have any backups? Yes I do have backups. Backups of my projects is no problem, the backup of my documents and e-mails however, is about a week old, which is a bit too long to recover from.

I have come up with a few solutions:

  1. I can boot from the XP CD, so Recovery Console my be a solution (I’m currently working on that)
  2. Putting the harddisk in another computer and accessing the files that way, is one way to get the files back, but not the whole day of re-installing
  3. Finally, It could be possible to install windows over the existing one, and I’m hoping that it will take over at lease part of the existing installation. I know this isn’t a super conclusion, but for now, it ‘ll allow me to work on the PC and recover the files. I can do a full format lateron, when I have a bit more time

So here goes nothing…

BTW just ignore all of the above, it’s just getting rid of the frustration, without hurting my PC, keyboard or any other too expensive hardware part 😉

3 Responses to “Bootdisk gone ghost”.

  1. hmm, my advice-giving priviliges have been revoked for some time now. I think that’s the safest way to go. Don’t resort to my advice :p
    2nd HDD is a bliss btw. Good luck with your system.

  2. You could always download a linux distribution like knoppix, which runs entirely from cd. And use that to backup or recover data. It should even support NTFS by now.
    It has useful recovering functionality, which, sadly enough, cannot be said of the XP recovery console.

  3. Thx for the link. The biggest issue was not really that the Recovery Console didn’t work, since I still got my data back. It’s the fact that Norton Ghost, which is supposed to help you backup, screwed up my system.

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