CSS Content

The whole deal with Web Standards, tableless design and keeping design and content separate is in my opinion a good thing. Personally, my code is a lot cleaner (it is not 100%, but then again, whose code is?), pages are smaller,… So I like it.

One thing has me wondering, though. In CSS 2 there is a content property. But isn’t that putting content together with layout? Using it would be like cleaning up one place, just to litter another.

2 Responses to “CSS Content”.

  1. IMHO denk ik niet dat het geschikt is voor echt “content” zoals output van queries enzo in te steken, maar eerder een string voor een image zoals op W3 staat
    gaat ook alleen bij :before and :after pseudo-elements

  2. Since almost every element that can contain text, can have a :before and a :after pseudo-element, it doesn’t make a difference. Plus, it thing is not whether it is suitable or not (tables in tables in tables … just for the sake of design isn’t suitable either), but that it is possible and contradictory with W3Cs own accessibility guidelines.

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