Expressing human relations with hyperlinks

You must have noticed that blogs are one of the ‘latest’ trends online. (For those who don’t know what a blog is, you’re looking at one). Because blogs are about people, more than companies, they have a more human character. You can express this human character in your blog by using XFN. XFN stands for XHTML Friends Network, which explains the human aspect I tried to explain.

XFN uses the most basic component of XHTML pages, namely the hyperlinks, to express human relations between your blog and the one you link to. You can express relations like: friends, co-worker, sweetheart, …

So how do you do it then?

  1. First, look for a link to someone you know on your page.
  2. Add the rel="" attribute and fill it with XFN values that apply to it. You might want to check the XFN quick reference page for all the XFN values. If you find it hard to add the correct values, you can always use the XFN Creator
  3. Reference the XFN profile in your <head> tag like this: <head profile="">
  4. Download the “XFN friendly” badge from and put it on your site

That’s it!

You might also want to check out the following sites: XFN homepage, RubHub where you can add your XFN friendly site.

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