Font-size in IE5/5.5 tables

If you’ve ever used tables in IE 5/5.5 you’ll know that the font-size is not inherited from the parent tags. So when you specified a specific font-size in your body tag, the default size will still be used inside the table.

Personally, to solve this, I specified the font-size again, for the table tag. Now, when you change your font-size in the body tag, guess what you forget? Yes indeed, the font-size in the table tag.

Anyhow, Andy Budd has a super simple solution. Just define a font-size of 1em to the table tag, like this:

table {
font-size: 1em;

2 Responses to “Font-size in IE5/5.5 tables”.

  1. Hmmm….as far as I can remember, for me, back in IE 5.5 days it worked with defining fonts for td tag.

  2. That is exactly what is avoided with this. You don’t have to specify fonts since it is inhereted from its parent with this technique.

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