Hardware shopping

I went hardware shopping today.

My list:

  • Logitech MX 1000 Laser (more on that later)
  • Two 80GB hard disks (I know that’s small by today’s standards but I prefer a larger number of disks over large disks)
  • External casing for a harddisk
  • Cardreader
  • 80x80mm Zalman fan
  • 1 GB DDR Ram

Like you can see, nothing special, just a little upgrade. More an extention actually 😉

Now, I got a few thoughts about the external casing.

First maybe a few pictures:
Upright Side-shot
Closed Side-shot
Opened Side-shot

Installing went quite easily. Hard disk goes in. Connecting inside cables. Fastening screws. Closing up case (you need quite a bit of force for that). Connecting USB and powercable. Plug into USB port and done. Hard disk works.

Now comes the only negative part of this casing. You better fit the hard disk correctly and connect everything as it should from the first time, because getting the hard disk out again is a real challenge. I tore off the backpanel when pulling the hard disk part out.

Now about the Logitech MX 1000, that will be for tomorrow or so…

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  1. looks slick

  2. It isn’t bad indeed 😉

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