Logitech MX 1000 Laser Review

As I said about a week back, I bought a new mouse, a Logitech MX 1000. Not really because I needed one, but because the new Logitech looked very nice.

First thing noticable when getting it out of the package, it feels super confortable in hand. Like it was custom made. Connecting the cradle’s USB plug to the PC. For the charge options of the cradle to work, you need another power adapter, however, the wireless functionality work just fine without. This is quite handy to know since powersockets are getting scarce arround my desk.

I put it in its cradle for about 12 hrs before using it so it is fully charged. In meanwhile installing the software. I must say the new mouseware is an improvement. Also, deinstalling the old one is not needed. After a restart, it is not started again.

About the performance, I don’t know if the accuracy is 20x better, but it is noticably better. And not only the surface scans, also the wireless connection. My receiver is placed between 2 CRT screens and I don’t have any problems. With my previous receiver, I didn’t even needed to try.

And finally the battery life. The MX 1000 Laser has a 3 led indicator. I still have 2 leds lit after 8 days of about 3-5 hours use per day. So it is safe to say the battery lasts for about 3-4 weeks with intermediate use.

Conclusion, buy it!!! It is great value for money.

Now, some pictures:
Logitech Software
MX 1000 Laser

MX 1000 Laser with Cradle
MX 1000 Laser packaged
MX 1000 Laser packaged top

2 Responses to “Logitech MX 1000 Laser Review”.

  1. gaming performance?
    any nags?

    looks nice

  2. So far, no nags when using it for office work.
    What gaming is concerning. The mouse is highly sensitive at moments, it is not a nag, but it is something to get used to.

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