Mobile Phone Troubles

A few days back, I tried to call my mom and it went a bit like this:
– Hello mom, It’s me, Benjamin.
– Hello?
– It’s me!
– Hello!!
– It’s me, mom!!
– HELLO!!!

It was clear that the microphone didn’t work anymore. I could hear everything, but the person on the other line couldn’t. My mobile phone is a Nokia 8910 (titanium cover) and costed 850 Euros. That was almost 2 years back now.

I decided to go back to the shop and get it fixed. The price to fix that thingy was 380 Euros. Yes, you’re reading it correctly, 380 Euros. With that amount of money, I could buy myself a new one, well actually two. So that is what I did, I bought myself a Siemens S55.

There were only a few requirements, it had to be compatible with my bluetooth headset and it could not be a Nokia. Well that is about it. I already have a digital camera (4 megpix) so that wasn’t needed, colorscreen and java was a plus, but also not required. My budget was also quite limited since my recent purchase of a Acer portable.

Anyway, to put a long story short, I’m pretty unhappy with Nokia at the moment and totally broke.

2 Responses to “Mobile Phone Troubles”.

  1. JAVA a plus ?!?

  2. Yup, it means the phone is extendible.

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