Mommy, I want one of those

If I had to name one thing that I would like to see different on my PC, it would be the noise. Most of you who have a more or less high-end PC, immediately think, ow yes, those fans are killing me. Well, I don’t mind them a lot.

I have 3 80×80 mm fans, all turning at low speed, so you barely hear them, just to keep a regular airflow. The CPU and GPU fans are only turning at full speed when needed (and that would be games, when there is sound playing, so I don’t hear them much either).

But, what bothers me most are the hard disks. I have 4 of them. All of them producing quite a bit of noise.

Anyway, to get to the point. I want one of these. Full ATA compatible flashdisk hard drives. The only problem, money. They cost a fortune, so if there is someone who wants to be very generous 😀 that would be it. BTW other suggestions to kill the noise are welcome too 😉

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  1. optie1: 2 GB geheugen -> ramdrive

    optie2: pc in kast zetten en dyma matjes inzetten (wel 2 buizen vanachter met fan in voor airflow) of kleine airco bijzetten :p

    optie3: van die speciale geveerde cages installeren

    optie4: pc met HDD’s in de kelder en enkel terminal nemen, met walgelijk veel geheugen in + stilste hdd wat ge vind

    BTW, snelle pc + stilte gaat bijna nie
    beperkende factor momenteel in pc (op 2de plaats, budget is eerste :p) is de HDD
    dus performance = bvb raptor -> @10k is da nie echt stil


  2. Remark on option 1: Reboot and data is gone.
    Remark on option 2: Dynamat, sucks. The vibration noise is less, but you need to turn up the fans to cool the case more. (I got them in my server, which runs 5°C higher than my desktop @ idle times).
    Remark on option 3: how much does that cost?
    Remark on option 4: terminals and playing high-end 3D games don’t go together.

  3. got a small car that you don’t use anymore?
    of join the army -> free solid state disks

  4. That would be the US army only, I guess. And I still use my car 😉

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