Multiple networks

I recently bought myself a brand new ACER notebook with build-in wireless capabilities, plus a D-Link Wireless NIC.

It sound really well, doesn’t it?

Wait untill you have to configure it to go with the existing wired network. I finally, after about 5 hours, can connect using the notebook (it gets its IP through DHCP) and it can connect to the server. And that’s it. No connection to the rest of the network, no connection to the internet. If anyone has suggestions on how to route the TCP/IP traffic, plz let me know.

[Update: Both the LAN and WLAN are now communicating. Internet still doesn’t work. For some reason, I don’t get any response from the DSL router, when on the WLAN side.]

2 Responses to “Multiple networks”.

  1. Maybe you can try placing the WLAN in the DMZ of your router, that way, it is exposed to the internet as if it were a solo pc.

  2. I think what I’m trying to accomplish is just not possible with a standard customer router, unless I buy one that supports WiFi.

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