My PCs have turned on me

I have a PC, call it PC 1 (it is a PIII, basic hardware). It was infected, so I booted it (without network), exported my mails and so, shut it down and removed the hard drive.
I then took the hard drive and put it in my workstation (it is a new PIV, but that doesn’t really matter), copied the exported mails to another hard drive, shut down that system and put the hard drive back in PC 1.
Then PC 1 didn’t boot and I mean nothing, not even the CPU or power supply fan started. Only the little LED on the motherboard (it is an ASUS thing), lit up, so there must be some power.

I then took the power supply from a third system, call it PC 3 (also a PIII) and hooked it up to PC 1. Still nothing. So there shouldn’t be anything with the power supply, was my thought until then.

I put the power supply from PC 3 back in PC 3 and tried to boot it up. Nothing!!! No bootup, no fans, not even the little motherboard led.

OK, so 2 systems not working (BTW PC 2 works fine). I then removed the power supplies from both PCs connected them to the power cord and connected the 3rd and 4rd connection (with is a way to start it without a mainboard). Both supplies worked since the fans started turning. I then put them back into the PCs, but they refused.

Now my problem, I have 2 PCs that worked 15 minutes before and now both refuse to work. There is no connection between them, and both power supplies work fine. What has gone wrong here? (BTW I’ve thought about the power button, but it is very inlikely that in two separate systems both buttons would be malfunctioning).

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