.NET getting better

As I said in my last blog about .NET, Visual Studio screwed up my code, and I had tables everywhere when I use structures like radiobuttongroups.

I’ve been digging a bit in the Visual Studio (VS) settings and found options to let, or better said, not let VS format the code, always adding quotes,… Setting/disabling these settings, resulted in pretty clean code. Exactly like I wanted it. My lists are closed now, all is in lowercase,…

Also, if you set the layout-type of asp-components to flow instead of the default table, you get a tableless span markup, which is completely W3C compliant. A bit of style, and wallah. Nice code and layout.

So to answer the question, is ASP.NET standards compliant. I have to answer (at the moment), yes, but you’ll have to do it yourself and not let Visual Studio do it.

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