First of all, I’m not making a habit of putting program reviews here, but I do want to share this one.

Rainlendar, ok not the most original name, but who cares.

I have been looking for a small and simple calendar and todo list program, since my desk is getting crowded with post-its. Most of the programs I tried, have their own window where everything happens and/or are so bloated that I don’t use half of the features or use another program (which is better) for them. Rainlendar, however, integrates with your desktop. It totally blends in, depending on the skin you’re using. It is extendable (with .ini files, I do prefer XML however). You can totally adjust it’s look ‘n feel. It is integrateble with Outlook, in case you want that. Multi-language, transparent and most important of all, since everything is in simple .ini files, easy to take backups of.

In case you’re looking for a calendar or todo list. You got to check this out. (BTW have an even better program, let me know 😉 )

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