Standards aren’t common

As you might know, and if you didn’t you know now, I’m really into W3C standards, CSS and XHTML. I think it’s a good thing and should be practiced by all webmasters.

In Denmark, they’ve tested 2033 governmental/national/municipal websites on whether they use standards or not. A few numbers:

  • Only 3.05% were valid.
  • 35.2% did however have a doctype.
  • 44.05% of those that had a doctype, were still using HTML 4.0 or a previous version. (To know that HTML 4.01 is recommended since 1997

My opinion? I think it’s ashaming. But this doesn’t mean that Denmark’s websites are mostly bad. No, in Belgium it’s just the same. Check out this site: Belgium E-portal. Check the code, it’s horrifying. (This site costed millions BTW).

If you want to know more, read the complete article about the W3C standards in Denmark.

In conclusion, to all webmasters, use standards!!!

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