Testing in different browsers

If you’re a webmaster/-developer you know the importance of testing your creations in different browsers and different versions.

A while back, there was a lot to do about the the standalone versions of MSIE. You can read about it on Skyzyx.com and even download versions 3.0 and up, although only versions 5.x and up are usefull since not many are using pre 5.0 versions of MSIE anymore.

There is however an even nicer way to check different browsers, by using MOZIE. MOZIE has 2 window parts, one for IE5, 5.5 and NN4 and one for Mozilla 1.5 and up. Very easy to compare. You can change resolutions and validate as well. When validating, one of the two windows is used for the HTML validation, the other for the CSS. Great feature!

There are some lesser things, I would like to mention. First, the URL has to start with http://. Secondly, it is fairly noticeable that it is still a work in progress, since the useablility isn’t super.

It is however a nice thingy and I think a must-have if you want to test compatibility in other browsers.

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