Version 2: redesign

If you read the site with a webbrowser, you probably have noticed it. I redesigned the site.

So what changed? Well, not that much. The look, obviously, then I got rid of the members section in the menu, since it had no purpose, other than make it easier for me to log in.
Euh.. what else? I got a contact page now and a RSS page with the feeds on it, instead of just links at the bottom of the page.

About the layout. It isn’t anything special, I was just in the mood for coulds clouds :p.

There are possibly some bugs here and there, but they will be taken care of.

6 Responses to “Version 2: redesign”.

  1. Works perfectly in Opera and Firefox…is b0rked in IE.

  2. I know, something went wrong witht the floating part in IE. I’ll have a look at that tomorrow. Standard compliant browsers come first 😉

  3. In the mood for “coulds” ? 😉
    Nice design btw, I should do something like that to my site, but pff 🙂

  4. Thx, Steven. And the “coulds” was definitely a typo. I’m not used to typing that word apparently 😉

  5. Very very very pretty layout!!!

  6. Thx Inge, I do my best 😀

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