Acer N35 PDA

When going to an unknown/new location, I looked up the directions before leaving, printed them out and this would get me to my destination.

Now, for those living in Belgium, will know that you can’t drive a decent distance or you come accross a detour due to some work on the road. If you’re lucky, the detour signs get you on the way. But more often than not, they don’t. So you have those directions printed out, you might as well not have them, they’re useless. When I got word I had to work in Antwerp, I decided to buy a GPS system on a PDA.

I finally decided for the Acer N35.

  1. It has enough performance to do something else with the thing
  2. its screen is a little bigger than the average cheap PDA, which is quite handy when you need to view maps.
  3. It has a build-in GPS unit, so no problems with external serial connections,… There is an connector so external antenna’s are still possible.
  4. The price was good

The only downside, no bluetooth or wifi. That latter is easily fixed with a Wifi+256MB SD card.

Since I bought it for its GPS functionality, that needs to work. And it does. Most of the time, I have a signal between 30 seconds and a minute or 2. One thing though, forget the Destinator software that comes with it. It works, but it’s slow, hangs half the time and isn’t really user-friendly.

Now some pictures:
Acer N35 PDA boxed

Acer N35 PDA unpacked

Acer N35 PDA

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