Connecting your Samsung E720 to your PC over Bluetooth

Due to the popularity of the Samsung E720 review I’ve written almost 3 months ago and the amount of mails I received asking how to connect the phone to your PC, I decided to write this How to connect your Samsung E720 to your PC over Bluetooth.

Why Bluetooth and not the USB serial cable?

Well, first of all, I don’t have a USB cable, but did had bluetooth. Plus the price for a bluetooth dongle isn’t that high and you can use it for other purposes later. There is only one reason, why you should choose the USB cable over Bluetooth and that’s speed. Wireless is slow! For SMS, schedule, call records,… this shouldn’t be a problem. However for tranferring large photos, music or videos it’s too slow.

Installing and configuring Bluetooth

First and foremost, make sure you have Bluetooth on both your PC and phone enabled.
Writing a “how to” on how to install Bluetooth on your PC is hard because, almost every device has different software and a different way to do things. But basically, the process is the same.
(In my example here, I use screenshots from my Dell Portable, which has a Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Internal Card with a Toshiba chipset. I succesfully have done this on a Acer Portable and a desktop with MSI Bluetooth dongle.)

  1. First, install your Bluetooth hardware drivers, that will install the Bluetooth Stack. This process can easily take several minutes, after which you probably have a new Universal Serial Bus Controller device and about 9 or more Communication (COM) ports. Screenshots
  2. After the installation of the hardware and its drivers. You might need to configure your local services. In case of the Dell used in the screenshots, this wasn’t needed. You then need to discover the Bluetooth devices to which you can connect.
  3. When your Samsung E720 has been found, you need discover its services. You might need to enter a PIN code to connect to your phone, but this isn’t always required.
  4. There should be a Serial Port or communications port available as one of the Samsung’s services. Select and configure its properties. Make sure you select manual configuration and select an available COM-port lower than COM 10. Save your changes. The device pairing (also known as connection registration) is now complete.
  5. When you open this connection you just saved, you should have a normal serial connection between your PC and your Samsung E720, just as you would when connecting with a Serial or USB cable.
  6. Now the only thing that remains is configuring the Samsung PC studio II. Go to the File menu, then select Setup. You should see a screen similar to that of the screenshot. Specify the COM port you used in step 4. Then save your settings, restart the Samsung PC Studio II and you can start uploading data to your Samsung E720.


  1. Installing Bluetooth stack
    Bluetooth device drivers installed
  2. Discovering devices
    Bluetooth new connection
    Bluetooth searching for devices
    Bluetooth connecting to device
  3. Discovering Samsung E720 services
    Bluetooth discover device services
  4. Configuring serial connection and saving device pair
    Bluetooth configuring serial connection
    Bluetooth configuring serial connection complete
    Bluetooth configuring complete
    Bluetooth pairing complete
  5. Opening phone-pair
    Bluetooth connecting to device securely
  6. Configuring Samsung PIMS Manager
    Samsung PC Studio II 2.0 PIMS and File Manager

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  1. fantastic advice i was stuck after purchasing the bluetooth dongle and trying to configure it all with my phone. i think its really stupid that they dont give you this info or at least an internet link to a site like this when you purchase a bluetooth device. Many thanks

  2. Hi Mike

    The makers of devices assume that when you use bluetooth for connecting to a PC, that you know enough of it so you can operate it. It isn’t that straightforward however. Since not all bluetooth software works the same way, the terminology even is different.
    Anyway, I’m glad I could help you out and I hope you like the Samsung E720, because, despite it’s few quircks… it’s a great phone.

  3. Hi, i just wanted to know if u could tell me how to download from a computer to the E720 using a USB Cable instead of bluetooth. I believe u need the pc studio ii, but i have no idea how to use it and how to transfer ringtones and fotos. Could you help me please!! Thankyou so much.

  4. Hi Natalie

    I’m almost ready with a How-To guide on how to upload content to your phone. It should be online today or at the latest tomorrow.
    So keep checking the site.

  5. Thankyou!!!!!

  6. Hi Benjamin,

    I have the same bluetooth adapter as you (Toshiba/Dell) but I’m using Samsung PC studio3.
    Everything goes smoothly until I do step #6. When I choose the COM port I chose in step#4 (COM6) I keep on getting an error message from ConMgr_Setting telling me that the parameter is incorrect.
    Do you have any advice?

  7. Thanks for the guide. I used to have this working on my computer. However, I recently reformatted my computer and upon reinstalling and the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack, PC Studio, and then configuring a COM port as per your guide, PC Studio doesn’t list the COM port in the setup menu like it used to! In fact, it listed no COM ports at all, until I connected the phone via the USB cable. Now only that shows.

    Let me know if you have any thoughts! Thanks..!

  8. Hi Benjamin;
    ..and thanks all for these perfect job, I am using it without any problem but I have a question in my mind, I couldn’t find the data of the transfered SMS in my PC. I want to burn them all to a CD (to save them for a long time) but as I said; I can’t find them. Please help me…

    Thanks again.

    By the way; E720 still (!) perfect I guess…

  9. The SMSes are in a MS Access database located in:
    C:\Program Files\Samsung\Samsung PC Studio II 2.0\PIMS & File Manager\
    The file is called “Samsung PC Studio.mdb” All you need to do it backup that file. It also holds your contacts.

  10. Thanks Benjamin;

    Best wishes…

  11. The smses are stored in a .MDB file that can be located at C:\Documents and Settings\yourlogon\Application Data\Samsung\Samsung PC Studio 3\

  12. I can’t seem to change the port in the studio to a bluetooth port.

  13. I have a Samsung E720 and a bluetooth enabled Acer Aspire 5610Z running on Windows Vista but can’t seem to get the two to recognise each other. I’m not sure that the E720 is installed on the laptop despite trying to follow your guide above. Any help appreciated! Never used bluetooth before!

  14. Is it possible to go on the internet on my phone (using bluetooth)via my laptop?

  15. Yes… you need to connect with the modem-bluetooth-service.

  16. I need to use my PC as a modem for my Samsung Cell, I know what you are saying but I need the reverse

    Thank you please reply

  17. Hello Ben, I know you may of heard this more than once, but I have installed my bluetooth adapter to my computer, yet, when I attempt to move files via bluetooth to my computer from my Samsung U600, I get the message ‘Service list not found, try again?’ I havent the first idea what to do about this…is it possibly a problem that I have Windows Vista installed, and the USB isn’t compatible?

    Many Thanks for the replies…

  18. I’ve never had that error before. But if I’d to guess… I would first check that the you disable any security on the phone. Then I would try to find the phone and try to pair with it.
    Also make sure that you use the correct bluetooth version. I think there are 3 mayor versions nowadays. Maybe the adapter doesn’t support the same one as the phone.

    Hope this helps you out Matthew.

  19. Hey Rob and everybody!

    I checked this path:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Omer\Application Data\Samsung\Samsung PC Studio 3

    but there are only two files there: “_SMS” and SMS. No other file. Where are the sms stored? I converted both files into text and pdf formats but there’s nothing stored on them although i transfered sms from phone to PC. What’s happening here?

  20. please i will like to know if bluetooth can be installed into a desk top and if it possible just highlight the processes for me.

  21. Yes bluetooth can be installed on a desktop. You only need to buy a bluetooth dongle, install it and the process will be similar.

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