Disappearing dropdown in Firefox

It seems there is a bug in the way Firefox handles dropdowns.
When a dropdown (a select in HTML) is located in a list (ul, ol or dl in HTML) plus that particular list has overflow: auto; set and is floated, the dropdown disappears when you change the selected item. So far I tested this in Firefox 1.0.4, IE 6 and Opera 8.

Only Firefox seems to be affected.

The only solution I have so far is not to set overflow and float on that list. Put one of them on a container.

Here is a sample.

Update: it seems IE on Mac doesn’t even show the dropdowns at all. (thx Peter-Paul Koch)

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  1. Disappearing dropdown in lists

    When a floated list with overflow: auto; contains a dropdown. The dropdown disappears when changing its value (Mozilla) or never appears at all (Explorer Mac).

  2. Hi,

    The sample link is broken, can you make it work?



  3. Thx for letting me know, Melissa.
    It should work now.

  4. Melissa discovered that wrapping the select in a form tag prevents the bug from occurring on IE/Mac. Unfortunately, that solution does not work for Firefox 1.0.

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