Dual Hyundai LCD Screens

A few months back, one of my then 2 CRT screens (a 17″ and 19″ Belinea) was starting to show signs that it didn’t want to go any longer. So I did some looking arround to replace them both with LCDs and I did.

Since I was used to the size of my 19″, the new ones had to be at least 17″. Now, the general thought is that 17″ LCD is about the same as 19″ CRT. In my recent experience this is not true. It’s more like 18″ CRT. Another reason for choosing 17″ instead of 19″ is that I didn’t want to be totally broke afterwards 😀

Secondly, I’m not a gamer, but I do like to play a game now and then, so the refresh-time had to be fast enough. 12ms is a minimum if you want to use your screen for gaming. (Some brand do a good job at 16ms too, but as a rule, take 12ms).

Thirdly, brightness (luminance) and contrast ratio. If you’re an average user who only surfs a bit and watches family fotos, this doesn’t really matter. If you’re someone who spends quite some time behind those screens, they are important factors. The better the contract ration, the more vibrant your colors can look. So if you’re doing anything graphical, like photoshopping or so, 500:1 contrast ration is a minimum!!

Then a final thing, don’t be mislead by all the brands and your preference. There are in fact only 4-5 companies that manufacture the internal LCD components, so that doesn’t always make a difference. The two I was considering was Samsung and Hyundai (both are brands and manufacturers).

After some windows-shopping arround (as in browser-windows, not the actual glass thingy), I chose the Hyundai L72D+. Both because of the specifics and the price!

The specs

  • 17 Inch Viewable SXGA(1280×1024) LCD
  • Brightness 300 cd/㎡
  • Contrast Ratio 700 : 1 (Typical)
  • Response Time 8ms
  • Analog & Digital Interface
  • Built-in power supply
  • Built-in Speaker (2W x 2ch) & Earphone Jack

Three extra remarks about those specs:

  1. Digital interface is in fact better. It’s faster too and I have the impression that the colors are richer in color
  2. Build-in power supply: you should go for this too. Most LCD screens do have this nowadays, though.
  3. Build-in speakers are nice for office work, but suck at gaming. And since I needed dual screen. They didn’t had much use. Also don’t let this option make or break your decision.

The experience

I’ve been using them (like it says in the title, dual-screen!) for about a month or two, I must say, it’s the one of the best purchases I did in a while (maybe the watercooling was better ;)). The colors are brighter, the text sharper! Plus they consume less power, generate less heat.

End result:
Hyundai Dual 17 inch LCD

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