DVD-Rom slowdown

My DVD-Rom just died on me. But luckyly I had a spare one lying arround here.

So what do you normally do? You shut down the PC, remove the old device, put in the new one and reboot your PC. The reason for this is that IDE devices aren’t plug ‘n play. Well, I was too lazy to shut down the PC, so I just removed the old one and then Windows started to, shock a little :p Like every second. Apparantly it polls the device for a new CD/DVD.

Now when you know a little about hardware, you probably know that the IO (Input Output, in this case the hard drives, CD-Roms, …) are the slowest part of your PC. So when windows also is polling every second, this can become a slight slowdown. A nice advice: only use internal devices like hard drives and CD-Roms when you need them, at all time. If you don’t, use a USB version and only plug that one in when you need it.

Ow BTW, my Windows didn’t crash. Just disable the old device. Put in the new one and do a “search for new hardware” and you’re good to go. No rebooting.

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