Samsung E720

Maybe an awkward moment to write about this cellphone, since it is currently at the repair-shop, but I had a few minutes time so here it goes.

First of all, take a look at the pictures… Doesn’t it look good!? You got to admit, the Samsung E720 has a certain visual impact. It is light, fits good in hand and is easy to use. That is about the first impression you get of it. Secondly you start to notice that it’s loud, or at least can be loud, since you can turn the volume down a bit. Since the E720 has a MP3 player that can play without earbuds, this amout of volume is required.

There isn’t enought space here to discuss all the features, to describe them in 3 words: they are neat!!!

There are a few downsides, but still, it’s worth to buy it!

The downsides

There are a few downsides, though.

  • It has 80Meg of space!!!! But that is it. It’s not expandable. Plus you can only use a few megs for messages, the rest is for video and images. I’d rather choose what I use the memory for. But ok, you can live with that.
  • Another thing I like about my mobiles, is that I can backup my phonebook, messages, … to PC. It is possible, but there is a minor thingy. When you have an EMS (two or more SMS messages chained together), you can’t backup it, or even read it. You need to do that in the phone. Major downside when you’re backing up your messages. With call-records, phonobook,… no problems. You can also get all the images from your phone from any place, but you can only upload to one location. Why? I dunno.
  • And now the major thing why not to buy the E720: the sound quality it is sending out. You can hear people on the other side, clear as crystal. I mean, when the other person has the radio on, you can even understand what song is playing. It’s that clear. But don’t be surprised when that person asks to repeat what you said a few times, since the outgoing quality sucks!!! It seems to occur only when your calling with another cellphone, landlines are not affected. Try to imaging that one person has an E720 and the person he/she is calling has one too. Almost impossible to have a good conversation. BUT… there is a solution. The problem seems to be in the software. By sending the device back to Samsung, they can flash the software and that should fix it… Mine has just been send in. I’ll keep you posted.

The looks

Closed Samsung E720.

Open Samsung E720.

Samsung E720 MP3 player when closed.

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  1. I use the Samsung PC Studio Version 3.0.0 EL5 but I have the same problem – the PIMS starts but my phone E720 is not recognized (“Not connected”). I’ve verified the Connection wizard and it is OK (“E720 is connected). What is wrong?
    Another problem is – I can not acces any point from Samsung PC studio main menu if the phone is connected.
    What is the procedure described by Oyvind “…Menu “Applications” (top right corner). Submenu 6 “PIM Sync”. Set it to Full Sync and USB. Give this profile a name of your choice, like Phone-USB…”?

  2. I tried the E720 in combination with the Samsung PC Studio version 3. It seems they are not compatible. So I guess it’s normal that it doesn’t work.

  3. Benjamin, what should I do in this case?
    Yesterday I installed the last version of soft – Samsung PC Studio Version 3.0.1.FD2, but unfortunately the E720 is not supported.
    Where can I find the good version of Samsung PC Studio?

  4. You’ll need version 2.0 for the E720. That one does work. It can be found on the website.

  5. Hi,
    Cool forum! =) I was actually hoping for an E730 but my sis got me the E720. Its ok though…no biggie, I’ve learned to live with it 😉 In any case, my question is about putting in an entire movie using a particular media converter – I only have the trial version of MobileStudio, does anyone have a full version???…is there a “best” way to do it? I use 3GP (using Nokiasoftware) but I think an MP4 version is better. Any suggestions?
    Also, I kinda “miss” my NGage’s ability to plugNplay on XPO using its USB datacable without having to download drivers…does the E720 have this capability or is it dependent on the USB cable?

    Thanks in advance for any replies!

  6. Bluetooth question for the E720: Is there any particular Bluetooth device or software that would allow it to play MP3s on the BT earpiece/headset?

  7. Not that I know of. If I’m not mistaken, the E720 doesn’t support stereo MP3 playback over bluetooth (which is usually what you need for that)

  8. I don’t have the USB datacable for the E720 so I don’t know if it’ll work without drivers. But from the way the PC studio works, I’m guessing no.

    What the movies are concerned. I haven’t tried recoding to MP4 and playing it on my E720. So I don’t know exactly.

  9. Hi i just bought my samsung E720 threw i wasnt to know why when i click on browser and it goes to t zones it says though your phone may be capable of receiving ringtones and images.your phone is not currently supported. please try again at a later date??why cant i can anyone help me please.. and how do i get easy studio 2 thank you

  10. the phone is great! It is the first phone i have had for over a year and still been happy with it. I bought the usb cable for it so i can put music on my phone, and put pics that i took from my phone to the computer, i installed the programmes, but it keept saying AT Command error when i try and connect it. This is soooo annoying. Do you know what i’m doing wrong?

  11. Is it the Samsung Studio that’s giving the error?

  12. yeah it is, at least i think it is haha, it jsut says my phone is offline, i try to connect it and says there is an error

  13. Vicky have you read the other comments, like #42 for example? Those don’t work either? Search this site for E720, there are other posts, some have sollutions too, that have been tested and work.

    Let me know how that works out.

  14. hi sorry if this was asked earlier… i would like to send a java game to my e720 (with bluetooth) but every time i try it goes to the other files folder – unplayable. i think i need to install the game on my phone, how do i do this?

  15. i have the usb cable for my phone but cany find the disk anyone no what to do then email me please x

  16. help me, i’ve got a samsung E720 and a usb cable but not the software! and i can’t find it! where can i download that software?? pls help me! i realy need it thx

  17. The software is available on the samsung website. Just type in “software E720” in the search box on that site and it’ll guide you to what you need.

  18. hello, I just bought a Samsung e-720 and I was trying to put music on the phone, is there a certain type of USB cable that I need? and recommendations? and what kind of software should I get (i.e.)
    SGH-E720 Samsung PC Studio USB Driver (ver.II 2.0),
    SGH-E720 Samsung PC Studio Image Editor (ver.II 2.0)?


  19. You could also get a USB bluetooth dongle. That way, you only need the Samsung PC studio and not the USB driver. It works better most of the time. Only downside is that it’s slower.

  20. How do I copy contacts from the phone to the sim card? All my contacts are on my E720 only and I want to transfer them to a D900

  21. Hello,
    I got some serious problems with my samsung E720 .
    I got the RIGHT cable to communicate with my PC.
    I downloaded and installed ALL the drivers for this mobile fome from
    When i connect my phone to my PC i get the following message:
    “New harware found:
    WMC ACM 1.0 App”
    I tried to install the driver automatically, but nothing helped.
    When i try to connect with PIMS, i alwas get the error “Please confirm connection! : COM1”
    I also tried synchronizing with my mobile fone but nothing works.
    I really don’t know what to do..
    Can someone help me please?

  22. You might want to try to copy the contacts from one phone to the other over bluetooth.

  23. Hi. Does any1 know how to assign a specific song to a msg alert tone? my friend said she did it but i dont know how???
    Also can u add a pic to a person so when u get a msg that pic comes up?? i know how u do that for when u recieve a call but not a msg? x

  24. how do you mean?
    i just want PIMS to get worked..
    i really don’t know what to do..

  25. Same problem as everyone else. have tried different builds of the PIMS and file manager. Have downloaded all the drivers etc from Samsung, have the CD (which was my first route and the guy said it’d be hard, but I didnt think I had to TOM CRUISE!). Went into PIM Sync in the phone, changed the name, set the settings to USB etc. Changed the COMM ports to the highest possible.Tried discconecting other appliances connected to the computer. Tried different USB ports (which gave me the ding dong connection sound, so it is definately software related), and yet, not connection/ synchronisation between PC and mobile can be made.

    Ive had sagems, nokia and sony phones, NO PROBLEMS! Great easy, plug and play software, no hassle. And yet this one is a pain in the ass. Could the problem be that the phone is pay as you go? No surely not. Im not a fan of this phone and I wouldnt recommend it to anyone who wants to take pictures on the move and store them on their computer, or who wants to use their phone as an mp3 player, since you wont get the songs onto the phone unless through bluetooth.

  26. 27. Azhar | March 30th, 2006 at 6:45 am
    I just bought an E720 couple of days back, its got good features but i cant seem to install any java applications through bluetooth, why is that???

    same question really; is there any way of sending java games/apps to the fone via a bluetooth dongle so they can be used?? when i try a file transfer i dont have the application folder visible… only photo/video/music; and ‘other files’ wont let me open *.jar files…

    help plz?

  27. Phone is showing PIM sync in progress which knocks the network off so cant get calls in, I havent done anything to the PIM options at all (didnt even know it existed) so it’s not like I have messed anything up, help please??

  28. i’ve had an e720 for 3 weeks, had no problems using data cable, and required software (pims, samsung pc studio 2), had to make sure i changed the com port from 1 to 4 then fone was seen, absolute dream of a fone no complaints except that if your a complete novice on pc\phone software you may come unstuck as a few previous users have the menus a little awkward to navigate in pims etc……

  29. Ref. comment no. 47 from ?-? aimee ?-? I see people are having problems with batteries seemingly discharging way too fast. Would you believe it: The culprit is your SIM card! I have experienced this problem with my E720, and so has my daughter with her E730. The fix is extremely simple: Take out the SIM card, clean the contact terminals and put it back in. One way of cleaning the contacts is to push ithe card gently back and forth a few times while it is inside its socket. This action will cut through any insulating oxide layer on the contact points. Please don’t ask me why this works, as it doesn’t make much sense. Anyone out there having a clue?

  30. Ref. comment no. 51 from Oliver. My E720 is configured for Norwegian language. I might have translated the menu items incorrectly. Assuming the icons are the same for all E720 phones sold worldwide, the Applications icon is the green jigsaw puzzle just below the clock. Enter that and select submenu item 6.

  31. A friend of mine has a samsung e720. He sent a wma file from his pc to the phone via bluetooth. The file got there but we can’t move it or set it as the ringtone. Any ideas? It has gone into the Other files folder of the phone

  32. To Tony Parr: As far as I know, the E720 only supports .mid and .mp3 files. So no .wma. That’s why it won’t play as a ringtone.

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