Sony Ericsson J200i

Since my Samsung E720 was in repair, I need a temprary phone just to bridge that repair-time. So I was looking for something cheap, that would just to the basic things like,… well calling, getting called and text-messaging. 😀

I chose the Sony Ericsson J200i, because, it was a small phone, it costed only € 99 at the time and I hadn’t had a Sony Ericsson before, so this gave me the chance to test the brand.

A few pro’s:

  • Good sound quality.
  • Ringtones can be set quite loud, which is handy when outdoors.
  • Long autonomy when in standby.

I know not much, but the thing does what it should, some downsides though:

  • You can upload and download images and ringtones, but not your SMSes. So no backing up.
  • No indication if you missed a call or received a message but didn’t hear the ring, without activating the screen. A led would be nice.
  • The joystick can be quite tricky.
  • You better be a slow texter, because it can’t keep up with you otherwise.

Some pictures:
Sony Ericsson J200i box
Boxed J200i.

Sony Ericsson J200i front contents

Contents of the box.

Sony Ericsson J200i back
Nice glossy back of the Sony Ericsson.

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