Uploading music, ringtones and video to your Samsung E720 using the the Samsung PC studio II file manager

There are 2 ways to connect to your Samsung E720. By using bluetooth or by using an USB cable. Since I don’t have a USB cable, I’ll use bluetooth. Whichever method you choose, the connection is transparent to the Samsung PIMS Studio. You can find a guide here on how to connect to your Samsung E720 using bluetooth.

Downloading the software

First of all you need to download the Samsung PC Studio II. You can can find it on Samsung Mobile or go straight through to the Samsung download center. Next install the program. It should be quite straighforward.


After you have connected your phone to your PC, downloaded and installed the Samsung Studio and the Studio has found your phone, you should be ready to use the file manager.
Your phone is successfully detected, if the name of the device is shown at the bottom of the window. Also the Filemanager icon (at the top of the window) will now be active.
Samsung PC Studio II 2.0 PIMS and File Manager Connected
Samsung PC Studio II with connected E720.


Now that you have succesfully connected to your phone, you start the filemanager.
You can download from any folder of the E720 you see at the top, but you can only upload to the phone in the “Down content” folder. (It’s called “Down content” because Samsung assumes you’re using the E720 to download content from your service provider or the internet).

  • Image folder is for uploading wallpapers, photos, … anything images.
  • Video folder is for uploading MP4 videos, animated ring-videos,…
  • Sound folder is for MP3 music, ringtones, …

Then select the folder you want to upload to, select the local folder on your PC you want to upload from. Then right-click the file you want to upload and select “Send to Phone”. When you want to download from your E720, the process works about the same.

Note: Depending on the type of content, you have only a selected amount of space available.

Samsung PC Studio II 2.0 File Manager Send to phone
Samsung Filemanager ready to upload to the E720.

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  1. i know but i was wondering if there was a way i could do my LG and motorola phones

  2. The best advice I can give you is have a look at the product pages. Most of the time it’s under downloads or software or so… they you usually find some program to do these things.

  3. I found a fix on another website about the “Video Recording event was ocurred” error message, while your phone is plugged in, change the camera from photo to video. Don’t know why it works, but it does. Give it a go! (I found this website when looking for the fix and thought I’d add it on, just in case anyone needed to know).

  4. i would like run Samsung pc studio of my mobile phone x820 on my running LINUX operating system,kindly advise how i can manage it for your information i do not run microsoft windows.

  5. I don’t have a linux machine myself, so I don’t know by fact, but you can try to run the PC Studio in a windows emulator.

  6. i bought a Samsung D500 and wanted to put music on it.
    I bought a data cable without any software and my pc cant detect it either!
    What do I do?

  7. I just bought a usb data cable for my e530, is it supposed to take forever to transfer files for the first time off the fone??? it says rapid data transfer and 2 hours later we’re only half way there

  8. It all depends on the amount of data you want to transfer. I don’t have a E530 myself, but it takes about 2-3 minutes to transfer a file of 5 megabytes using bluetooth. The USB cable faster. So I would check the connection transfer rate if I were you (This can be done in the PC Studio).

  9. hi, i downloaded the Samsung PC Studio II as well, and it doesnt seem to go online, and does it change anything if im using a bluutooth usb?

  10. HI. Could anybody tell me how to delete music from Other files it seems to be locked and it can’t delete

  11. The phone is the samsung E720

  12. hey

    i have the samsung e530 but having great difficulty in sending pictures from my mobile to my laptop.

    i have d-loaded the correct usb drivers and studio pims but with no success still.

    My own bluetooth device can pick up my mobile – which shows the incoming com port 5, outgoing com port 4. i cannot choose either of these in studio pims – only com port 3.

    when i try to send a picture it doesnt find my laptop at all – but if i just search for a bluetooth device i can find my laptop – but it says ‘service list is not found. try again?’

    read thru all above with no luck – can anyone offer any advice?

    Thanks =)

  13. Hi i have a Samsung X636 and am using this software and only once i have gotten it to be connected to my phone. i am using a data cable and it reads the phone in the little box while the software is loading but once done the status goes to offline. Jow am i supposed to remedy this problem? also it says the port is not opened sometimes. Please help me!

  14. hey guys. i got a E-370. i finally got the damn thing working on win 98. it says online and everything. i have no problems downloading from the phone to the pc but i cant upload anything to the phone from the pc. im using the data cable that came with it and it is the right cable. if anyone can help me out please let me know. why is everything greyed out???

  15. Hello can you help me?, i have an s400i and a data cable but no drivers disk, so my computer will not find my phone can you tell me where to get the drivers from please.
    Thank you. 🙂

  16. I bought a Samsung SGH E570, later on I got a USB cable for it since it didn’t let me send anything via bluetooth to my computer. I downloaded PIMS & File Manager from the Samsung Site, as well as the USB driver. However, when my little “new hardware detected” sign pops up, the computer will start to install everything but still ask me to insert the Samsung Installation CD since files are missing. When I bought the phone, I was told over and over, that it didn’t need a CD, that I could download everything from the site. Now, I can’t get PIMS to go online, can’t get it to find my phone, my phone won’t find my computer even with a bluetooth dongle (tho strangely enough I can receive files FROM the computer) and I have no idea where I could get an installation CD from since I’ve been told this phone doesn’t need one. Help, anyone?

  17. ive recently got a laptop, n i wanna put tunes on my phone,mp3 for free, l can only put on wma but i want mp3s, ive got loads in my real player but cant send 2 phone HELP ME PLEASE.

  18. i,ve got a D500 samsung phone. I have a usb data cable and have installed the PIM & File Manager 2.0. When I click on set up as it says, i can put my e.mail add. plus name etc. BUT THE COM PORT is coloured blue and will not let me enter what port i want so i cannot go any further. What am i doing wrong. I,m losing it now. Been at it a week now and it,s got me foxed.

  19. hi there … uploaded mp3 files via bluetooth but the e720 keeps saying “unable to play file” or something like “file not supported” .. tried mp3 (128kbps), downsized it to 32kbps but doesn’t work either .. can someone help me out? thanks .. matt (AT) eguld (DOT) com

  20. Hey, I have a Samsung SGH-A736, Different, but when i uploaded all my songs onto it, it said it couldn’t display all of them, yet they’re in the phone. Is that a memory card problem or..? Thanks!

  21. Hey,
    I noticed somebody had brought up using Samsung PC Studio in Linux, but I am getting a Linux computer for the first time next week, and I don’t understand all that mush computer talk!
    Is the Window’s Emulator like Virtual Machine on Windows’ OS’s? I would like to be able to use my phone [Samsung U-600] as a modem, as it is shown in the options on the Studio I installed on Vista.

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