Zalman Watercooling extra

About 9 weeks ago, I installed my new watercooling system. A Zalman Resonator 1 (you can read all about that in part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4)

After about a week or 7 the pump started to make a bit more noise… a few weeks later, I actually began appreciating my loud CPU and GPU fans. The positive side to when a fan is broken, you take it off, and place a new one. With watercooling that becomes a bit harder…

First of all, most hardware-stores and PC-shops have fans in stock. Waterpumps, that’s a different story. I wanted a external pump this time (in case this happens again, the replacing part will be easier), so I also tried aquarium- and pet-stores, but only for inside a tank :S

Eventually I got a Hydor PE700 from Cooltech. It’s a little larger and little louder (does about 700L/hour). Only downside, it doesn’t cool as well as the old one. The idle temperature is about 2 degrees higher. At full load, the temp gets about 4-6 degrees higher. That’s still only 42°C and at almost no noise 😀

New cooltech waterpump
Cooltech Hydor PE700 waterpump.

Zalman Resonator 1 waterpump

The broken Zalman pump

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