Zalman Watercooling part 2

First some thought till now. The whole construction is heavy, which is good since it is mostly a sign of quality, but it’s also a potential problem since the rest of the hardware should be able to support that weight.

The powercable in the pump is quite long, but the amount of tubing delivered isn’t. Also the items were packed directly in the styrofoam. For that amount of money they could have put it in a plastic bag. That would have prevented the items from being covered with styrofoam bubles.

Anyway, I connected the complete system, but didn’t install it in my case yet. With the full system, that’s the Resonator discussed yesterday, plus a GPU cool block.

I filled it with water let it stand for a night, then let it run all day after. I had a leak!! The water reservoir was leaking at the bottom. After removing all water, turning the base real tight (now I probably not going to be able to open it ever) I’m going to leave it running another 24 hrs. Until now it looks promissing.

Now some photo’s:
Zalman GPU Waterblock
The GPU waterblock, 2 are delivered, one big, one small

Zalman VGA Waterblock unpacked
Same but unpacked

Zalman Resonator 1 test run
The testrun installation…

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