Zalman Watercooling

My PC is getting way to noisy. When gaming or listening to music this isn’t that much of a deal, but otherwise it’s too loud!. The noise is mainly coming from the CPU fan (which is the default fan that comes with an Intel PIV) and my GPU fan. The other sources of noise (4 80x80mm fans, 1 40x40mm fan, 5 Hard Disk and a Zalman power supply fan) aren’t as loud, but still contribute.

So there had to be a solution and here are the options:

  1. Don’t use the PC unless I’m playing games or listening to music (not really an option)
  2. Remove some of the noisy hardware or buy a new heatsink for the processor (these cooling systems are or too heavy, or too expensive to do little)
  3. Place the PC in a casing, closet, other room,… (Did that before already, this is doable, and filters away some of the noise at normal operation, but when pushing the CPU piles up heat with results in more noise since the fans have to turn faster)
  4. Buy a peltier element to cool the processor. (I already have a powercable shortage in my case as it is, so adding another device that needs juice isn’t going to help that)
  5. Buy and install some watercooling (That what I did)

As the watercooling system, I chose the Zalman Resonator 1. The reason? Well, it is a complete system, I’m not planning on overclocking heavily, no compatibility problems with different manufacturers, Zalman has a good reputation in the field of making PCs noiseless, and it looks great too!

Some system temperature stats (CPU = Intel 2.8 Ghz):

  Idle / Normal use Full load
CPU 29-35°C 37°-46°C
Mainboard 27-34°C 33-38°C

So let’s see what this thing can do to help reduce noise and keep my system cooled.
First the unpacking…

Zalman Resonator 1 boxed
The box the Resonator 1 came in, big box, heavy too.

Zalman Resonator 1 unpacked

Getting everything out…

Zalman Resonator 1 bolts and fittings

Zalman Resonator 1 clamps and fittings

Some bolts and connection pieces.

Zalman Resonator 1 flow indicator
The flow indicator.

Zalman Resonator 1 processor block
The CPU cool block, man that thing weighs.

Zalman Resonator 1 processor blockbits and pieces
Some CPU block connection bits and pieces, ow and a Zalman sticker!!!

Zalman Resonator 1 processor blockmount pieces
So much weight needs to be tightly connected.

In the next post, the testing part…

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