Firefox print preview bug

There seems to be a bug in the print preview of Firefox 1.5. (I’m using Firefox The result of the bug is visible in the following screenshot.

Firefox 1.5 print preview bug

As you can see, the header of the print preview is still there, but the canvas looks and functions as normal. Also the ctrl+T key combination still opens a tab, but you don’t have an address bar so you’re not much with it. The only way to get it undone is by closing the browser. Clicking the close button doesn’t do anything.

How to produce

When you have a few pages open in tabs, then do a print preview of one and while in print preview close that tab. Closing it can’t be done by clicking on it, since there isn’t a tab visible. Also the ctrl+W shortcut doesn’t work, so you’ll need to use mouse-gestures (which is an extention) or so to close it. Another way of reproducing the bug is instead of closing the tab, open a new one while still in print preview. For instance, open a url by clicking on an “internet shortcut” you made on your desktop.

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  1. I’ve also had this happen to me by doing the following:

    1) Open print preview mode
    2) Open Firebug
    3 ) Hit F5 to refresh the page.
    4) Woops! Restart.

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