Hardware shopping

I’ve had a few new hardware bits ordered a few weeks ago and but hadn’t had the time to write about them. So here we go.

Basically it’s an update to my graphics and storage.

My previous graphics card was a GeForce 4 from two and a half years ago, which was then top nodge, but now has problems with the latest games (“The Elder Scrolls VI: Oblivion” in particular).

Also I had a 160 GB backup disk which only had about 4% free space left and my working hard disks had an average of 10% left. Hence the fresh storage.

What was on the shopping list

  • Graphics card
  • External hard disk enclosures
  • 2 250 GB hard disks
  • 4.1 USB 2.0 PCI card (I was low on USB ports as well)

All new hardware

A new MSI NX 6600 series graphics card. This isn’t the latest series, since that would be the 7600, but I wasn’t going to spend 250 euros or more on a new card. The reason for this is that I have the intention of doing a major update in about a year. The new windows is out then too, which will give hardware manufacturers time to test their products. So the card is a quick 170 euro fix to be a little more up to date with current games.
MSI NX6600 series graphics card

I also bought a Icy Box for the new 250GB SATA disk which I’ll be using as backup drive and it’s bigger brother an Icy Box for a 5.12″ drive, like a DVD-burner or removable HD casing (I haven’t decided yet). I’ll do a separate review on it later.
Icy Box external 3.5\

Icy Box external 5.12\

And finally the harddisks. A 250GB Seagate, which has 8MB of cache and a Western Digital 250GB with 16MB of cache. Obviously the Seagate will function as the backup drive since it has lesser cache and from experience, more reliable than Western Digital. The cache isn’t that important because it doesn’t need to have that much speed performance. The Western Digital will then be my “second harddisk” used for larger file storage and things that aren’t backed up, like temporary TV recordings and such.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, then why not 2 Seagate drives? The answer is not the cache, but is reliability. When you buy 2 hard drives at the same time from the same brand, they’re probably from the same line. So if something is wrong with that series, you’re more likely to have 2 failing hard drives. For this to occur with two different brands, you must be really out of luck. Hence the 2 different brands.
Seagate and Western Digital 250 GB harddisks

Well that’s it… I’m good to go again.

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