Information Paradox

So it’s Sathurday moning and I’m catching up on my blog reads. I read a lot of them during the week, but the longer and/or more interesting ones, I like to read when I have enought time to explore them thoroughly.

About 2 years ago, the list of blogs I followed could fit a single screen, but now I’ve got like 150-200. (I know there are people who have like a huge lot more, but humor me for sec. that it’s a lot).

The problem with all these blogs is that they take a considerable amount of time to browse through and read. The more that I read them, the more information I get (about anything nowadays). With links to other sites and even more information. So interests on other subjects are growing, more blogs fill that feedreader list… The more blogs there are in the list, the more I read, the more information I get, the more intrests I get,… You see where I’m going here?

Now, there got to be a time where the information you want to consume exceeds the amount of time you have to read it all. What are the alternatives then? Prune that list (and your interests)? Find more time (in that oh so limited 24hrs a day timespan)?

2 Responses to “Information Paradox”.

  1. Hi there, apologies in advance but this has no relation to the posted blog, rather the Samsung E720 sound problem post you posted around July last year!!

    Anyway i was just wondering if the sound problem was ever rectified for the phone, if so do you have any idea what was done. I can’t seem to find the outcome anywhere. Feel free to email me, or reply here.

    Thank you so much!

  2. What they did with my phone was update the software and replace the microphone. I don’t know if the microphone is the problem with all of the E720s experiencing a problem (Samsung admitted that there were faults in the software).

    Anyway, the problem was solved, sort of. I still have bad sound quality when calling to someone who also has an E720. Calls to other phones have indeed improved. Now don’t expect super quality of the speakers. But it was worth the update.

    BTW I reopened the comments on the E720 posts. You don’t have to repost your question there or so, just for future reference 😉

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