New Waterpump

A week ago on tuesday, my waterpump broke. I barely noticed it. There was a little bit more noise and then an alarm on my PC letting me know that the CPU temperature was over 50°C and rising. So no pump meant no cooling, no cooling meant no PC.

The waterpump that was installed was a Hydor PE700 from Cooltech, which has been cooling my PC since March 2005. The warranty on it was a year and of course it was expired. Not that that mattered at the moment. Finding a new one was first priority.

I phoned local computer shops, but no-one seemed to have any. Next on the list were Aquarium shops, who had pumps of course, but almost all of them had to be place inside water, not as I needed, external.

To make a long searching and aquiring story short, I got a new one, an Eheim 1046. It is quite a big difference because this one only circulates about 300L/h vs. the 700L/h that the Cooltech pump did. But since I only have a reservoir of 2-2.5L of water, that doesn’t matter that much. The temperature is only about 1°C higher that with the Cooltech so running 100% load at 43°C isn’t that bad, since it makes even less noise.

Hopefully it lasts a little longer than the Cooltech. (The warranty is 2 years, so my guess would be 2 years and a few months :p).

Eheim 1046 Waterpump

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