PHP deployment statistics June 2006

When you’re writing PHP it’s always handy to know how well PHP is ditributed and what versions are most common. So let’s check out the PHP statistics for June 2006.

A little more than 1 third of the webservers is running some version of PHP (probably more, but not all servers show they do so). Which makes it a good platform to develop for.

Although PHP 5 has been released for a while, the majority is still running PHP 4, but PHP 5 is catching up. Now almost 10%. Most of those PHP 4 installations are 4.3 and 4.4 versions (81%).

Although PHP seems to be most adopted in Europe and Russia, there are more servers running PHP in the US. 2 thirds of those server run PHP on some version of Apache.

So what does this all mean? Well that PHP can in fact compete with other server side technologies like ASP.NET and Java. And it also means that you can drop support for versions previous to 4.3, while slowly starting to program in a more object oriented way.

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