Private vs. Public social insurance

For those who don’t know, we have a pretty good social insurance system here in Belgium. But there are still some benifits to the private sector, especially when you need information by phone.

I recently had 2 questions for my private insturance, I called the number, got a machine that offered me 3 options which resulted in a person who spoke my language. I posed my 2 questions and in 3 minutes I had all my answers. An extra mentioning for the nice lady on the other side of the line. She was to the point and yet still very friendly. This must have been the best phone-helpdesk I’ve ever called!

I also had 3 questions for my public social insurance, I called the number, again got a machine which in its turn offered me the choice in which language I wanted to hear the next set of questions and the next and the next… Finally after 3 option menu’s I got a person on the phone. I posed my 1st question and got redirected to another person (after about a minute or 2 of music). That person answered my 1st question, but after posing my 2nd, I got redirected again… and again… and again. By now I had spoken to 5 people and only 1 question answered. When listening to the music, waiting for person number 6 for about 3 minutes, I gave up.


Private social insurance 2 question in 3 minutes by a single friendly lady.
Public insurance, 1 of 3 questions answered in 16 minutes by 5 different, unfriendly people.

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