Spyware Prevention Tips

Almost every non-tech savy computer user has probably come in contact with spyware, adware or alike. Nowaways, removing is almost impossible, even with great tools. Because those pieces of software are dug in so deep, even when the removal tools get rid of them, they often break something, like your internet connection or Internet Exporer functionality. This most of the time results in a format of your system. So the best thing to do is not to get anything in your system in the first place.

So here are a few tips:
First of all, use a router. Those small devices mostly used to get more than 1 PC on your internet line, also function as an inbound protection. They cost as little as €50, so that shouldn’t be a problem. They keep all non-requested connections out.

Routers don’t keep everything out of course, so you need something extra. Install a personal firewall (like zonealarm or Norton Personal Firewall) on you machine as well. The is allows you to keep an eye on what goes out your system. In combination with your router, your network should be quite safe. Combine that with a anti-virus (which have anti-spyware build in it nowadays).

Those tools alone should keep your PC safe. Another thing you can do is check whether certain applications you’re trying to install are known for containing spyware. In that case, just don’t install them. Some good sites to check for that are spywareinfo.com and spywareguide.com. They also help when you’re system is infected, to find tools to get rid of the nuisance.

Of couse you have the usual, don’t open attachments in your mailbox you don’t know and don’t just click on popups because they pop up and you want them gone. Those should keep your system clean and healthy. And as a result, your mental state healthy as well.

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