Unpacking the Wii

Finally I got the time to unpack my new Wii a few days ago (and now time to actually post this). It’s been sitting in it’s box for 4 days since its purchase and that’s long enough.

First of all, nice packaging. It has that same nice white look as Apple’s products.
Wii Boxed

Even on the inside, the packaging is nicely finished. No cardboard colored loose peaces, but a nice babyblue inside.
Wii box open

So what’s exactly in the box then:

  • The Wii itself, with stand to give it its own look.
  • 1 controller and 1 nunchuck (if you ask me, it should have been 2, just so you can actually enjoy the playing together part that Nintendo promotes so much.).
  • A set of 2 batteries for the controller (hope they don’t wear out too soon).
  • A sensorbar, to make the controllers work.
  • A few cables for power and video.
  • Manuals
  • And the Wii Sports game.

Wii unpacked

Now lets… test this baby.

2 Responses to “Unpacking the Wii”.

  1. Looks slick

    about those batteries, better buy rechargeable ones (2700 mA minimum)
    better yet, also buy a couple of spares so you can leave these in the charger if the other ones die out in the middle of a game;
    It can be be quite frustrating to go scavaging around the house for batteries when full of adrenaline.

  2. They are holding up quite nicely thus far.

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