5 well-known decision-making traps

Everyday, we get questions. Question that need answers, so we need to make decisions. We seldomly make the best decision because we are often caught in these 5 traps:

  1. Anchoring: When we consider a decision, our minds are influenced too much by the first information we come across.
  2. Confirmation: through the search and selection selected, we subconsciously seek information that supports our current point of view, thus rejecting contradictory data.
  3. Memorability: We are influenced too much by recent or dramatic events. Events that are repeated by one or more sources, influences belief, memory and judgement.
  4. Status quo: When making a decision, we show a strong bias towards to keeping a status quo. We are looking for reasons to do nothing.
  5. Sunk cost: To admit mistakes made in the past, we make decisions to justify those past choices.

[From: Ambient Findability (book)]

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  1. I needed this, I seriously did; as I am turning into a person who can’t decide anything these days. Thanks.

    Either way, why am I here?
    1) Because, after three years, many things have changed and I guess I was a bit unfair after all to you and you were a bit unfair to me and…it’s all past.
    2) I have some suggestions and ideas for PHPFanlist and I’d love to be the research monkey again. As much as my time allows me to, that is.
    3) In the above script, my flag is wrong, so I edited the image.
    4) I found out that I run a couple of FLs on version 2.07 and unfortunately, they have too many members to convert manually and, when I use the batch, it does not work because the position of fields is err…reversed compared to what the script is asking for.
    5) What happened to the collective script?

  2. Glad I could help, Iva.

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