Disk Access Denied in Windows Vista

I recently updated my system’s hardware. Because it has quite a bit of extra power, I decided to give Windows Vista another try. (On the hardware and findings of Vista maybe later a bit more).

After installing most of the previous software (some needed updates to be compatible with Vista) I noticed that one of my USB drives wasn’t accessible anymore. My account has administrator privileges so that should be fine, but I still got an “Access Denied” error. When I disabled the new UAC system everything worked fine.
Now that could be the solution, to leave it just like that, but instead I wanted the UAC system enabled. After enabling it again, the error occurred again so I knew it had to do something with user rights.

On my previous system, a Windows XP, I selected only the Administrators group and Backup Operators (for my backup script) to have access. But under Vista that isn’t enough anymore.

Vista Disk Rights
First of all, you need to give the SYSTEM user full control (or at least quite some control) so that it can check the drive’s name, available space,…
Secondly, the Authenticated users group needed to get some read rights too.
Just adding the Administrators group won’t work, even though my user account is in that group. Adding my user account and giving it full control does work however.
Why? I don’t have any idea yet, but this worked fine.

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  1. New hardware? Can’t wait to read the new post 🙂

  2. Don’t know when/if I’m going to post about it. I haven’t taken photos of the hardware and it’s not that remarkable. Most important is an upgrade in RAM: from 1,5 to 4 GB and a new CPU from a Pentium 4 2.8 to a Core 2 Quad.

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