End of local storage?

Is local storage coming to an end?

With hard drives getting bigger and bigger, yet cheaper and cheaper more people can afford to have a vast amount of storage space available to their PCs.
Microsoft, however, is launching a few new products that suggest that all those gigabytes you’re using won’t be directly connected to your machine.

The first product I’m talking about is Windows Live Skydrive (which is currently running in beta). They offer you a nice free 500 megabytes that you can use to store and especially share your documents, photos, videos,… with other people. Those 500 megabytes is not enough to store all of your photo’s but it makes sharing them a lot easier.

The second product is the new Windows Home Server. This is basically a “smart” server that is always on and hosts your common files to your local netwerk. Basically a central storage for your documents, photos and video so they can be accessed from your home network or Xbox 360. It also functions as a central backup spot for your windows installation. Prices for these systems are probably going to be (release at the end of September 2007) between 600 and 800 euros, depending on whether you want 500 GB or 1 TB.

So is local storage really going to go away? I think not. Especially files that are on the net will be the ones that we want to share. Private documents, we still want to keep close.

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