Top 10 UK .Coms to watch

Here is a nice list from Guardian Unlimited with the top 10 dotcoms in Britain to keep a close eye on.

  1. Dopplr: A social networking for frequent travellers.
  2. Extate: An intelligent search-engine of property websites.
  3. Garlik: An online identity management site.
  4. MindCandy: An alternate reality gaming.
  5. Moo: Printing on demand: cards, notes and stickers.
  6. OnOneMap: A map-based property search.
  7. Touch Local: Local directory services.
  8. Trusted Places: User-created local information.
  9. Zopa: For peer to peer lending.
  10. Zubka: 2.0 Recruitment.

One Response to “Top 10 UK .Coms to watch”.

  1. Saw your post (specifically concerning Zubka) and thought that you might be interested in what we have developed which might be described as the 2nd generation on referral recruitment. ( is focused like a laser beam on a defined sector (commercial property / commercial real estate) and in the few weeks since we launched we already have hundreds of great referrers participating – all of whom are genuine vetted practitioners in the commercial property sector. There are many “quality” elements that we’ve built into the business but would want to bore you with them here. Absolutely central to our success has been to make the model compelling to HR Director and corporate recruiters in our sector and a key part of that has been building a really credible referrer base of relevance and scale.

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