Version 5

Finally, after more than 2,5 years, I restyled this site. It took this long because I was quite happy with version 4. Not because of its great design, but because it just worked.
I did keep the WordPress installation up to date and because of that, some parts slowly started to fail. So it was time for an update.


Version 5 has a few requirements, this due to some code in the theme. First of all, it needs at least WordPress 2.3. This is because I’m starting to use tags for my posts.
Furthermore, the theme relies on the Gravatars2 plugin for displaying gravatars (Globally Recognized Avatars).
Another plugin that is used, is Dunstan’s Time Since, to display the time between now and the time an entry was posted.

Other plugins

Besides those required plugins (because they are entangled into the theme), I also use a few other plugins:

Semantic improvements

One of the main differences in this update, are the semantic and UX changes.
I tried to make the HTML code as semantically correct as possible.
UX-wise, the archive has probably had the biggest makeover. It’s now a lot easier to browse by date, by category, by tag,… I’m still not completely happy with it, but it’s a big step in the good direction.

Work to be done

There is still some work to be done, especially for the Internet Explorer users. The new theme mainly uses .png files as images and IE 6 doesn’t and earlier doesn’t support the transparency. I’ll downgrade the PNGs to transparent .gifs where it’s possible.
Also I used to use a few of my own plugins, but those need an update, so, more on those later.
[Update: the transparent .gifs are in place for the IE-users.]

Hope you like the new looks…

2 Responses to “Version 5”.

  1. I DO like the new look. I prefer it to the old, having taken a peek.

    I discovered your website only today. I want to have a WordPress blog in the not too distant future – one with a design not based on tables which, surprisingly, many are. I was looking for WordPress designs without tables, and my search led me here.

    I really like your design. It is simple and elegant and only two-column with the menu column on the left – my preferred layout.

    I also like the content of your blog, and have enjoyed reading your posts.

    All you need now are some traffic and PR tweaks, yes/no? Such a delightful blog should be read more than yours appears to be.

    Well, at least you’re up on the web. I haven’t made it that far yet.

    All the best as you keep blogging.

  2. Hi Marlene,

    Nice to see you like the layout and thank you for the great comment. If you need a bit of help with your future WordPress blog, let me know, I might be able to help.


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