Windows Mobile 6 versions

Just like the new Windows Vista, Windows Mobile 6 will come in flavors. 3 to be exact. There will be a Professional (which was the old Pocket PC Phone Edition), a Standard (the old Smartphone) and then a Classic (the old Pocket PC). I can understand why there would be more than 1 version, since it’s a mobile platform and not all devices have the same capabilities and more imporantly the computing power needed to run all features. But I think 2 would have been enough. One with the phone capabilities and one without.

Some new features of the operating system include:

  • Tight Vista integration
  • Windows Live support
  • File transfer capability in Windows Live Messenger
  • HTML support in email
  • Of couse, new versions of mobile Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with rich editing
  • Call history in contact cards
  • New versions of .NET Compact Framework and SQL Server built-in
  • And remote wipe capability for stolen and lost devices

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