5 Playstation 3 games ranked

At the moment I only have 5 Playstation 3 games because my PS 3 is only a few months old, so a Top 5 would be useless.

Assassin\'s Creed cover This game is a must have if you own a PS 3! It might even be the reason to buy one. Have a look on the game’s homepage if you don’t know it.

Heavenly Sword cover On one hand, this is your basic button-bashing game with a few twists to incorporate the functionality of the Sixaxis game controller. But boy are they nicely implemented. For instance you can control an arrow you’ve shot by moving the controller, when it’s still in flight. It gives you a nice bullet-time feel, and some nice theatrics. Very good game to get rid of some work stress. As with Assassin’s creed, the amount of people and the vast environment that is rendered is just awesome!

Motorstorm cover This is a fun game to play, especially with friends over PSN. The single player experience gets boring quite quickly, though.

GT5 Prologue cover Ever since I’ve seen Gran Tourismo 3, I’ve wanted a Playstation, just to be able to play this wonderful game. However, this game sucks, at first glance. The cars aren’t very cooperative, it says driving simulation, but it doesn’t really feel like that, no damage or reaction from the surroundings also plays into that. Luckily this is only a “prologue”, hopefully the full game will be better next year.

Lair cover This is one of the early launch titles for the PS 3. I must admit I didn’t play it much yet, but have not really any drive to do so either. The controls aren’t that fluid, the graphics are disappointing, especially when watching current titles. Just don’t buy it, it seems more like a show game for the controller than anything else.

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