I have a Playstation 3

After doubting for a long long time, I’ve finally tied the knot and bought myself a Playstation 3. The choice between an Xbox 360 and PS 3 wasn’t easy. There are a lot of versus-articles and videos, but I found that most of them are biased. So I tried a more objective approach: money.

Xbox 360 vs. PS 3 on price

Comparing the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 pricewise, the Xbox seems cheaper, but it actually isn’t. The first comes without any HD media player, while the latter comes with a built-in blue ray player. Also the Xbox, no hard disk and no wireless network access. When you add all these things up, the Xbox comes out more expensive. And that’s just the initial cost! The online capabilities of the Playstation Network aren’t as extensive as Xbox Live, but they are free. You have to pay an annual fee for Live, which I don’t really want, since I’m not planning on using it a lot.


In Belgium there is basically only 1 choice (anymore) you can buy, which is the 40 GB version. There are 2 packages, a normal version and a movie pack version. But the only difference is that you get a blue ray version of Spiderman 3 with it (which I already have on normal DVD). So this choice was easy.


There were a few games on my wish list (so far, I haven’t done that much looking around yet):

  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Heavenly Sword
  • Motor Storm
  • Gran Tourismo 5 (not yet released)
  • Lair

Of that list, I immediately bought the first 3.
More on them later… maybe.


There also were a few accessories on that same wish list.

  • Remote (for watching movies and listening music)
  • 2nd controller
  • Keyboard / mouse combo (Logitech diNovo Mini)
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Component cable

Of those, I only bought the component cable (just to keep the price down a bit 😉 ) That cable is a must have! A HDMI cable would be even better, since component is still analog and HDMI is digital all the way, but I don’t have any HDMI sockets free anymore (my HD TV tuner occupies the only one). The Playstation 3 is made to show high definition video, and using S-video or Scart would ruine that.

Unpacking pictures

Playstation 3 moviepack box

Playstation 3 box

Playstation 3 box contents

Playstation 3 component video cable

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  1. Veel plezier ermee!!

  2. Dank je… En dat heb ik ook 😉

  3. ah, it’s like that, I do all the comparing and you put in on your blog 🙂

    Enjoy, and remember to invite your friends to come over and play with your ps3 (thank god this wasn’t about your wii, because that sentence would have gotten a really different meaning ^^)

  4. If you leave me your web address, I’ll link back to you if you want. BTW already a thx to Omi for part of the research (I did some searching too you know 😉 )

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