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Today is Belgium’s national holiday and with it being on a monday this year, that means extra long weekend.
So I got some extra time to work on my projects. One of it is cleaning up my domains. This has been going on for a year now. I’ve eliminated about half (most of them were just parked, others were for projects that I lost interest for or didn’t have time to work on).
The current domain that is going to get a make-over is sitemakers.be. I’m not completely sure what its new purpose will be. However, some things on there will need moving. Things like my article about HTML and XHTML. I added them to this blog (because I think it suits them). They date back to 2003, so nothing special. If you still want to have a look they are all under the tutorials category.

I do want to mention a site that came in very handy with encoding the HTML to HTML entities.

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