IE 6 is finally recognized as too old

With launching Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft finally admitted that IE 6 is outdated (which is 8 years old by now).
But now they are actually actively urging to upgrade to a newer version.

There are basically 3 groups that are still running IE6:

  1. People who don’t have the technical knowledge to upgrade
  2. Systems that don’t use IE 6 and/or aren’t connected to the internet
  3. Corporate systems that have an enforced policy to use IE 6 (or heaven forbids older)

To get rid of IE 6 they can be approached in 3 ways respectively:

  1. Force an upgrade to a higher version, plain and simple
  2. Non-internet-connected systems can be left as they are, as long as it doesn’t cause other security problems. Connected systems that don’t use it, should be forced to upgrade.
  3. Corporate systems are a little more difficult because of compatibility issues or licenses, but I think corporations have had time enough to switch to a newer version, so here support for IE can be stopped completely both from Microsoft and implementers.

Finally, In my opinion Windows XP is fastly approaching this point as wel. Windows 7 with disabling a few “fancy” features runs perfectly well on those Windows XP boxes.

2 Responses to “IE 6 is finally recognized as too old”.

  1. Interesting read 🙂
    I agree on IE6 being completely outdated and the support for it can definitely stop, but I do still have a soft spot for Windows XP since I’ve never liked Vista and I haven’t tried Windows 7 yet 🙂

  2. You should really give Windows 7 a go

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