X-Men Origins Wolverine

61gu21pmrfl_aa280_It’s been a while since I’ve bought a new Playstation game, let alone played one (I’ve bought a few which are still in their plastic wrapper).
However, I saw X-men Origins Wolverine and just couldn’t resist. I had to see what it was about (Being a relative big fan of X-men).
I’ve played it for 2 days now and think I’m about 70% through the game, so here’s my opinion.


I was a bit disappointed about the graphics to be honest. The power-ups and explosions look nice, also the cut-movies do a fairly good job at showing in-game animations. Even the full environments are not too bad to look at, but Wolverine himself… horrible!
You can see the damage from battle on his person and see it heal, but the quality of this damage and healing is bad! He also looks quite sharply edged, more like a previous generation graphic. I’m still waiting for a 3rd person game that looks as good as Assassin’s Creed.


The game handles very nicely. I haven’t had any problems with camera angles so far, the controls react very swiftly and Wolverine is controlled intuitively. The game had basically 2 storylines, three years apart, that you switch back and forth to. The creators tried to mix up the overall 3D hack-‘n-slash platform movement with some extras. Also a few nice end-bosses!


It’s a very nice game, with a good storyline, but the lack of good graphics don’t make it worth € 60.
Also some end-boss-fights are so heavily scripted (like the one against Gambit) and a little buggy that I had to restart that fight a few times because the boss got stuck :p

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