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In this recent post, a Facebook employee discloses some of the internal workings of Facebook.
What frightens, but doesn’t surprise me is the fact that they track everything! From logins, profiles you click on, everything you post, like, comment, upload… and even delete. It all goes into 1 big database. This follows the “get-as-much-information-as-you-can” philosophy for social networks nowadays.

Ow and if you’re wondering why Facebook tends to crash a lot, I’m suspecting the 1 server not located in the US (but in London) has something to do with it.

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  1. I find the fact that they used to have a master password equally frightening… Imagine a facebook employee fed up with it all using that password to change random profiles…

  2. Yes, but it only worked when accessing Facebook from the internal network. Plus now they can still access everything by going directly to the DB.

  3. yeah, but since it was accessible from anywhere at the Facebook office it would also be usable by every Tom, Dick and Harry at the office, even those who lack the skills (or DB-rights) to query the data from the DB.

    Plus, he stated that it was only usable from the Facebook-IP, if there was a wireless network present any one who could hack into that could use the password…

  4. But the password was a “secret” so Tom, Dick and Harry didn’t know 😉

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