Project Rescue PS3: Success!

After weeks and weeks of searching for a solution for my broken PS3, I finally fixed it.

In my previous post, I let know that I ordered a $11 part to replace the positioning motor in the blue-ray drive. That part finally arrived and after installing it, I had good hopes. Putting everything back together, reconnecting the PS3 to my TV and turning it on. The dashboard showed up, so I didn’t make it worse. I inserted a disc and then, my PS3 ate my disc and wouldn’t give it back!

Opening up the PlayStation again, I removed the disc from the drive only to notice that some of the mechanical parts in the drive itself were broken too. I don’t know if this was due to my attempts or due to the broken motor before, but the result was the same.
I ordered another drive (cost $56 excl transport), this time a complete blue ray drive, which arrived a few weeks later.

Reassembling the PS3 with the new, drive, still nothing. WTF!
I let it rest for a few weeks, but the problem still lingered in my brain.

Then yesterday, I had an epiphany, I replaced the blueray controller board from the newly purchased drive with my broken drive, and thus keeping the newly bought mechanics but keeping the old electronics, I reinstalled my old PS3 and in a last attempt turned it on.
Success!!! It turned on without any problems, played discs again… my PS3 was saved!

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